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Stopping Child Abuse

posted by on October 05th, 2011

Everyday children all across the world are subjected to horrible treatment at the hands of those that are supposed to care for them. It is unfathomable to think of the many children that are abused and neglected on a consistent basis. Many of these children end up with severe mental, emotional and sexual issues as a result of child abuse. While many people are adamantly against child abuse of any type, most people are very unsure how to approach such a sensitive topic. Sometimes people fear speaking out about possible child neglect and abuse because they are afraid of making the situation worse. Likewise, there are times where people are concerned about what will happen to children if they are removed from an abusive home. In some instances children that are removed from abusive environments are often placed in foster homes where the abuse unfortunately continues. Despite these concerns, there are ways in which people can take action to stop child abuse.

One of the best ways to address child abuse is to take action. Those individuals that encounter possible occurrences of child abuse should report their findings to the proper authorities. Although there is a general fear of getting involved because of the various implications involved, it is best to consider what could happen if one remains silent. Contacting the proper authorities allows possible for a thorough investigation of any child abuse claims. It is better to alert the proper authorities for the sake of the child then to remain silent.

Those that are interested in stopping child abuse should consider donating their time. There are a number of organizations that assist with dealing with various types of child abuse issues on a large scale level. Many of these organizations welcome the assistance of dedicated, concerned volunteers that are willing to assist with their organization’s mission of stopping child abuse.

The abuse of a child is an issue that affects everyone.  People can show their willingness to protect children from abuse by taking action and donating their time and resources to organizations dedicated to addressing child abuse.

Understanding the Women’s Rights Movement

posted by on August 17th, 2011

The state of women throughout the world is one that is deteriorating. It is unfortunate that many women are not viewed as people and are often treated in a very inferior manner. This is very evident in across the globe where horrendous atrocities are committed against women without even an uproar or opposition. There are places where people kill female fetuses because males are preferred. In some countries in Africa the extreme practice of female circumcision leaves many women deeply scarred for the rest of their lives. In Thailand, the well known illicit sex trade places many double standards on who can initiate sexual activity based on gender. These are all examples of how women are subjugated and depressed throughout the world. For this reason, many organizations seek to provide women across the world with support in various ways.

The women’s rights movement encompasses many aspects of creating a world where women are treated in a humane manner. There are various ways in which this is accomplished. Some organizations focus on helping women to become self-sufficient by teaching them how to cultivate their land or learn a trade and market and sell their products. Other organizations and entities may focus on addressing human rights issues associated specifically with women which include addressing acts of violence against women in certain countries or creating methods to assist women with overcoming political suppression in their countries of habitation. The women’s rights movement encompasses are variety of concerns all related to the current condition of females throughout the world.

There are various ways that people can become involved in the women’s rights movement on both a local and global level. There are a number of local organizations which seek to improve the condition of women by promoting gender equality. Likewise, there are also a organizations such as Kiva that accept donations to self-empower women by providing them with small loans that will enable them to support themselves and their families.  Overall, the women’s rights movement works to improve the condition of women across the globe.

Supporting Gay Rights

posted by on May 16th, 2011

With the recent movement to show young gay youth that life does indeed “Get Better”, the spotlight returns to the issue of gay rights. Although strides have been made in regards to obtaining equality for people within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community through such acts as the approval of gay marriage in certain states and the repeal of the long withstanding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy of the United States military, there are still a number of barriers that people with the LGBT community must overcome in order to feel as if they are embraced by a society that in the past has not been very supportive of alternative lifestyles. There are various ways that people can show support to those within the LGBT community.

Many people prefer to show their support for gay rights via politics. Politics does play a very important role in what rights are distributed to particular groups of people. In many ways, strong political support is necessary in order for those in the gay community to receive the equality so desired. This is very evident with the issues surrounding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) in the military and same sex marriage Proposition 8 concerns in the United States. The public can show their support by voting for legislation which will allow the individuals in the LGBT community to receive equal rights.

Furthermore, institutions and organizations can also support gay rights by actively providing same sex benefits to their employees. Many people within the LGBT community worry about receiving coverage for both themselves, their spouses and their children because there are some entities that do not recognize same sex couples as a union. When this occurs, there can be various problems with acquiring important services and benefits such as healthcare and survivor’s benefits. By providing same sex benefits to employees, business and organizations are showing their support of the LGBT community in a number of ways.

As people the world becomes a more tolerant place which embraces everyone regardless of sexual preference, orientation or identity, all people, both those in the LGBT community and their allies can assist with supporting and promoting gay rights.

The Horrors Of Human Trafficking

posted by on August 03rd, 2012

It is hard to believe that this day in time that human trafficking exists. What is even harder to believe is that in some countries, it is actually legal. Many times it is women and children that are bought and sold to do large amounts of work for a very low cost. The biggest concern is the children that are kidnapped, or even worse the families that will sell their own children to make money. While you may not feel like this goes on around you in the United States because it is illegal, you should think again. Young children are at risk, especially those that choose to run away from home to become part of the human trafficking in America.

Young boys usually become involved in helping with the smuggling of drugs from other countries, while young girls usually will become subject to lewd sexual acts. You may wonder how it can get to this point, but most of the time the kids or adults involved are looking for employment or some kind of acceptance from someone socially. They are often times promised ?real? jobs but often find out quickly that they are actually going to use for prostitution.

This is something that we need to put a stop to, starting in America. It will be hard to go to other countries and try to force them to stop when we are guilty of it ourselves. What becomes so difficult is that even after the ones get caught that are responsible for the trafficking, it is hard for the victims to function normally with the rest of society and obtain a normal job afterwards. There should be programs in place to help these victims get adjusted to socializing again and how to act professionally.

If you have fibromyalgia you know that there is very little you can do to get much relief. The pain will be with you every second of every single day. Once you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia you’re going to want to start to focus on what you can do to help manage the pain and discomfort you feel.

Some people have opted to use pain medications to help them resume the quality of their life. While this seems like a good idea, you want to take a look at the long term effects. At some point you could get to the point where the pain medications you need to take to feel comfortable, will actually alter the your body chemistry. Even more alarming than not being able to easily stop taking the pain pills whenever you want is the thought of what the constant medication could be doing to your body. The other issue that needs to be taken into consideration will be the fact that the day could come when you will still experience pain and stiffness despite having taken the maximum allowed dose.

More and more people have taken to going to weekly physical therapy sessions after they’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. While the physical therapy might not cure the disease, most hope that by forcing the body to stay active, they’ll be able to remain mobile and relatively pain free. Yoga and Pilates have been effectively used to help with fibromyalgia. The other perk to getting some physical therapy after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia will be that you’re going to be moving, and less likely to pack on extra pounds which can make the condition worse.

If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, consider purchasing a hot tub. Whirlpool bathtubs, combo tubs, hot tubs, and soaking tubs will all do two things to help ease your fibromyalgia pain that a regular bathtub can’t. The first will be that the combination of the warm water and massaging motion will help work the stiffness and pain from your body. As soon as your pain starts to ease, you’ll find that you’re finally able to relax and just enjoy life.

If you have fibromyalgia you should probably stay away from models that use forced jets of water to move the water in the basin and instead look at air tubs which rely on air bubbles to move the water. The air tub will still provide you with a soothing massage, but won’t make you feel like you’ve been pummeled.

If you only shop in stock spas and sauna packages you’ll be able to find some really good deals on purchase prices. Whirlpool Bathtubs, Air Tubs, and Soaking Tubs are all good options and can provide you with instant pain relief.

How You Can Help the Orphans of Uganda

posted by on March 09th, 2012

There are orphans all over our world. There are many places that have an abundance of them and they are in great need. One place that has many orphans that are not very well taken care of is Uganda. This is mostly because there are many poor areas that do not have all the necessities in order to really take good care of these orphans. Uganda is also a place that is full of AIDS and other deadly diseases. People all over the world want to help children of Uganda but are not sure how to get involved. Here are some simple ways to help the orphans of Uganda.

Help Build a Well for an Orphanage

Many of the orphanages do not have the clean water that they need to help the kids stay healthy and strong. There are many ministries and organizations that are building wells for these orphanages in order to help them with clean water. One great organization that is doing this is World Vision. They not only help sponsor children but also help in the efforts to give them clean water.

Go to Uganda and Volunteer Your Time

There are many people that go to Uganda and help build orphanages or help existing orphanages have better facilities. Many churches and organizations will send people to these areas to bring encouragement and support as well as the necessities they need. Here is a great organization:

Orphans in Uganda are in need of so many things. They need clean water, food, clothes and more than anything to feel love. You can help the orphans of Uganda and be the support and love the desire.

Giving a Voice to the Unborn

posted by on January 02nd, 2012

Many people in our world do not think that unborn babies should have rights. They feel that it is the right of an adult to decide whether or not the baby should live or die. Even with the majority of people agree that it is ultimately a mother’s choice whether or not she should be a mother, there are a lot of people that feel that abortion is wrong and are fighting to make it illegal. The advocates for the right to life are fighting to be the voice of the unborn babies who can’t speak for themselves.

People can fight for the rights of unborn babies by voting for a president that is against abortion, electing state governors who are against abortion, and voting on rewriting laws that will do away with abortion. These are steps that can bring a big change all at once. On a personal endeavor, people can go to abortion clinics and offer hope and healing to girls that are showing up to have these abortions. This can be very difficult for many people because it put faces with the abortion debate and makes it personal rather than political.

Another way to fight for the rights of unborn babies is to protest laws and propaganda on days when there is voting. This is another hard thing for many people to do. It can be hard to hear remarks by people who do not agree with you and even more difficult to go to the polls and protest, not knowing if what you are doing will make any difference.

The biggest way to give a voice to the unborn is to educate and teach the people you come in contact with everyday. This is the way the fight can spread among families, friends, and even your state officials. By sharing the statistics, the staggering truth about fetal development and abortion procedures, and a compassionate point of view, it is possible to make a difference for those that never have a chance to speak for themselves.

Policeman Plays Bingo On Days Off

posted by on August 09th, 2011

Brad is a policeman at the local precinct. He rides his beat each night with his partner Kevin. Together they make a dynamic pair and fight crime well. Brad has received many honors for his police work. Last year he even took a bullet in the hip while serving a warrant. Kevin was on vacation for the week and Brad took to doing mostly desk work while he was gone. They had a stack of warrants to serve and they got him out from behind the desk and out with people, which her liked. He did not expect a shot to hurl towards him while serving this particular warrant. He knew this neighborhood well and was respected there. He was flown by med-vac to a regional hospital where the bullet was removed. He was released the next day and put on administrative leave for six weeks.

He hated not being at work. He felt well enough to work and was not feeling like he had any emotional effects from his injury. Brad had to go into therapy once a week following his injury to talk about what happen. The shrink would decide if he was capable of going back to work at the end of the six weeks. Brad thought this was a crock. He felt fine, he was moving around well and he wanted to work. He spent most of his days at home playing no deposit bingo, new bingo sites and landmarkbingo. Playing bingo was fun and helped him pass the time. He won money on sites like fluffy favorites, x factor slot, uk bingo, bingo sites uk and wowbingo.

Kevin got the call while on vacation that his partner had been shot. Kevin’s wife knew he needed to go home and despite Brad’s warning to stay at the beach, Kevin was by Brad’s side in a few hours. These guys are best friends. Kevin felt bad about what happened to Brad and tried to blame himself. Brad would not allow Kevin to take the blame. As the detectives learned, Brad was actually shot by a man who was on drugs and not thinking clearly. It had nothing to do with Brad or the warrant he was serving. The shooter had come from around a building leaving Brad no time to react. He was very fortunate that the shooter’s aim was poor.

Kevin went by to see Brad everyday and would always find him playing sands of fortune slots, bingo sites uk, xbingo or nodepositbingo. They would discuss work at the precinct. Kevin had committed to doing paperwork while Brad was out. They were a team and he did not plan on going out without his partner. Kevin’s wife was relieved by this after Brad’s recent injury. Brad recovered quickly and is now back to work. He still enjoys playing no deposit bingo on the weekends and his regular days off. Kevin and Brad continue to fight crime together. Brad was recognized by the city for having survived a shooting while working in the line of duty.

Emma, a Stanford student majoring in architecture, is a far cry from her home in Oklahoma. She spent her childhood hiding behind hay bales doodling pictures of the barn. She was always so fascinated by the way the beams rose together to form the pitch of the roof, and how the loft seemed free standing. Her mother was never happy when she found her in the field, chores undone and shoes long forgotten. Emma tried to talk her Dad into adding an addition to the barn one day and showed him the plan she had sketched out. She was only 10. Her daddy knew she’d never make a farmer’s wife. She had a talent and full potential. She was always asking questions on how things were put together. He found her once under his tractor just studying the frame and the build of it. She took apart lawn mowers and put them back together and then she would draw the parts. Her daddy encouraged her to go to Stanford. He had dreamed of going there himself and his baby girl was his chance at that. Mama cried all the way to Massachusetts.

Emma had been excited at first, but was now feeling lonely and afraid. This place was so busy, unlike her home. People were serious and rarely spoke. Where she came from you waved at every passing car. Everyone knew you and you knew them. Emma began her classes and settled into the academics with ease. She would study into the night and only take breaks to play internet bingo in between. Her roommate had never shown up. She was satisfied with that to some extent. She was an only child and had never shared a room. She was more isolated than the others though and her shyness had limited her in making friends.

She feel into a routine of classes and meals and enjoyed her free time at night to play bingo online. During Fall break she went home for a long week. Her Grandpa and Grandma came to pick her up. Her grandfather complained about traffic and half-dressed girls. He told stories from his childhood and made the ride home shorter. Emma told them of her classes and her school. Grandma asked what she was doing for recreation and Emma said she played bingo.

The weekend flew by and the family hosted a welcome home party for her. Her friends came and they sat on the hay bales and talked of old times. As she snuggled into her familiar sheets that night she found herself restless. She pulled out her computer and began to play free bingo bonus games.  She loved something familiar!

She flew back to college for the remainder of the semester. In a few short weeks she would be home again. On her flight home she met a fellow Stanford student for the first time and they enjoyed conversation. They became fast friends and Emma began to ease into the fun and enjoyment of college. She sprinkled some fun in between her studies, and some bingo in for breaks.  After all, she had found lots of free bingo money in her months of playing so she wanted to keep up her hobby even after she made new friends.

Seeing is Believing!

posted by on February 16th, 2011

Being hard of hearing is something that I have had to deal with for most of my life. While it is not an issue in many circumstances, there are times when I have wished that my hearing problems would just disappear and I could be like others around me. Since this is not going to happen any time soon, I have learned to deal with these issues when they come. One recent example where I have found a solution that works for me involves playing my favorite online game, bingo.  That’s right, I absolutely love to play bingo online for hours on end!

The place where I first realized that I could not do things the same as others because of my hearing was the local bingo hall. While others were doing well because they could hear the caller, I was having trouble figuring out what was being called and then keeping up. My daughter suggested that maybe I should try going online to play on some no deposit bingo sites instead.  Since I love using the computer, I thought I would give it a try. Thank goodness I listened to her!

Now I am hooked on using the posh bingo bonus because instead of trying to hear the numbers being called, I can just look for them on my screen. I do not know why I did not think of this sooner. I mean, you can find just about everything online nowadays, so why wouldn’t there be a site for this game as well. And every new site I discover seems to be even better than the last. Another one of my favorites to visit is City Bingo which also offers the numbers on the screen. This is great not only for me, but anyone who is unable to hear which numbers are being called.

One game that I am just starting to play is Fluffy Favourites slots. By the name, this game may not seem like it is for everyone, but it sure is. And everyone will be sure to keep coming back to play it because it is so much fun.  So if you are like me and have given up on having fun and playing the game that you love so much, rest assured that there are many online options that are just as fun if not more than heading out to your local hall.